FR Hi Vis

Flame Resistant and High Visibility: Striping Options

You know you need flame resistant workwear, but in some cases you also need high visibility workwear. Bulwark makes several different options for high visibility workwear that will also meet the flame resistant requirements.

When you are working in an area with low visibility and traffic, you should take extra care to wear the right high visibility garments to avoid accidents. Especially in the case of electrical work, it’s important to choose flame resistant garments with high visibility. With Bulwark’s options, you can choose the flame resistant garments that you love, and add high visibility striping. It’s also important to know that the high visibility striping can also be made of flame resistant materials, since you never want to have anything on your flame resistant uniform that might compromise the flame resistant properties of the garment.

The process for finding and ordering a flame resistant uniform with high visibility striping is fairly simple. Most of Bulwark’s garments can have high visibility striping added to them, so you can either choose the garment that you already love, or look for flame resistant garments that will meet the requirements for your job. Coveralls are a popular option, and in the Bulwark catalog you will find examples of high visibility striping added to the best selling coverall CED2. If you prefer jeans, or work pants, with a flame resistant shirt, high visibility striping can also be added to the separate pieces. Bulwark makes a wide variety of flame resistant jeans and work pants in various fabrics, from treated cotton to ComforTouch to Nomex. Reflective striping can be added in the pattern of your choice to the legs of the work pants. If you are looking for flame resistant shirts or jackets, you will find that Bulwark has many different options. Button-down collared shirts, tagless henleys, and tagless long sleeve shirts are just some of the options you can choose from. Jackets and sweatshirts are also available. Remember, it’s important to know the nature of your hazard and what ATPV rating you will need on your FR clothing before you order. Reflective striping can be added to the shoulders and sleeves of these items. Reflective striping can also be added to waistbands. If the striping pattern chosen goes through an area with a pocket or emblem, the striping will go around it. Pockets and emblems cannot be removed for reflective striping. Once you have chosen your flame resistant garments, contact customer service to discuss the pattern placement for your reflective stripes. If you’re not sure where to place reflective striping, Bulwark has popular options, or a customer service representative can help you. Once you have designed your garment, you can place your order.
Safety is crucial on the job. Whether you are the safety manager, or the one in charge of making purchases, it’s vital that you take into account how much agony can be avoided by wearing the proper garments for the job. Flame resistant garments mean the difference between minor burns and serious, life threatening burns. High visibility striping can save a life in dim conditions. Call a customer service representative at Automotive Workwear today to order your workwear with reflective striping.