Flame Resistant Workwear: Your Options

Most people think of flame resistant workwear being for firefighters and welders. What they, or you, might not realize, however, is that flame resistant workwear is actually necessary in many common place jobs. Firefighters wear primary protection flame resistant workwear, while electricians and workers in the oil and gas industries wear secondary protection FR garments. Here at Automotive Workwear, we sell a wide variety of garments that provide secondary protection. If you are an electrician, an oil and gas worker, or a safety manager looking to comply with the standard 70e, you are in the right place. We have many options for keeping you and your workers safe, while still giving the best comfort and mobility on the job. Keep reading to see a few of our options that you might not have known about.

FR Coveralls

We sell Bulwark flame resistant workwear, and coveralls are one of our biggest sellers. Coveralls are a great choice for workers in the oil and gas industries. We have a number of different options, so you can find the best choice for you. Treated cotton FR coveralls will give you softness and breathability, while Nomex coveralls will give you that durability and name brand fabric. Look on our website for more information about each specific coverall option, and be sure to know the level protection you need before ordering.

FR Pants

Our Bulwark FR pants are available in everything from FR jeans, to Nomex pants, to FR cotton khakis. Depending on the level of protection you need, you can find the right pair of pants to keep you comfortable and professional on the job, while still giving you protection from flash fires and electrical arcs. Check out our various options under the Flame Resistant workwear heading.

FR Sweatshirts

A sweatshirt might be the last thing that comes to mind when you think of flame resistant workwear. However, a sweatshirt is a great choice for keeping you warm on the job, and still providing the right protection. We have a crew neck sweatshirt, zip front hoodies, and fleece pullover hoodies, all designed to give you protection from flash fires and electrical arcs. These sweatshirts are practical ways to gain a protective layer on the job, without compromising style or comfort.

FR Shirts

We offer a lot of different flame resistant shirts. We have FR cotton t-shirts, as well as FR button downs that provide a professional appearance on the job. We also have long sleeve polos, another popular choice. These shirts are available in a number of different fabrics and meet different requirements, so be sure to check our website carefully to ensure that you order the correct workwear for your needs.

If you are looking for secondary protection flame resistant workwear, our Bulwark products are the perfect choice. Whether you need the full coverage of coveralls, or maybe FR jeans and a hoodie, you can find what you need on our website. Remember, before ordering any flame resistant workwear, talk to your safety manager and know your Hazard Risk Category, as well as your necessary arc protection (arc rating ATPV).