Horace Small Standard Features: Uniform Shirts

Horace Small is one of the respected and successful brands that Automotive Workwear is proud to carry. Since the late 1930s, Horace Small has been designing and manufacturing uniforms. From outfitting soldiers in World War II, to being a leader in outfitting police and firefighters, Horace Small consistently makes uniforms that offer comfort, durability, and innovative features that make your job easier. When he first started manufacturing uniforms, each one had to be custom made for the client who needed them. Horace Small wanted to make his uniforms more convenient and readily accessible for emergency responders who needed them quickly, so he came up with standardized uniforms that could be stocked across the country, and easily gotten into the hands of the emergency responders who needed them. Today, you can easily order online through our website, or call a customer service representative, and have your uniforms shipped directly to your door, or workplace, within a few days. These great uniforms come in different colors, with different features depending on your needs, but you can count on all of them to have the standard uniform features that set them apart from other brands.

 Standard Features on Uniform Shirts

Being able to count on some standard features makes a difference in your job. With Horace Small uniform shirts, you know that their shirts are designed to accommodate body armor. When you have the right uniform and equipment to get your job done, you can rest easier at night. There are seven other standard features that make Horace Small shirts the best for your job.

  1. Interlined collar, epaulets, pocket flaps, and cuffs. Your Horace Small uniform shirts will be durable and comfortable, maintaining a professional appearance, thanks to these details.

  2. Longer length. Do you find yourself frustrated by a shirt that won’t stay tucked in? Horace Small uniform shirts compensate for this by making longer length shirts so you don’t have to worry about coming untucked.

  3. Navy styles accommodate metal buttons. Do you need metal buttons? Choose a Navy style that will accommodate them.

  4. Long sleeve banded collar, and short sleeve convertible collar. Depending on your need, you can count on your long sleeve or short sleeve uniform shirt to have the right collar to maintain a professional appearance.

  5. Badge tab with reinforced sling and eyelets. Rest assured that your badge will stay put with these reinforced sling and eyelets.

  6. Center-front placket with break-resistant buttons and woven interlining. Stronger, and more durable, are what you can count on with Horace Small uniform shirts.

  7. Two-button cuff with button-sleeve placket on long sleeve. Your cuffs will stay closed, and look professional, with the two-button cuff and placket on the long sleeve uniform shirts.

When you need uniform shirts that will be durable, comfortable, and help you get the job done, look no further than the Horace Small brand. With a wide variety of uniform options, you can find exactly what you need. Outfitting police, firefighters, emergency responders, and other heroes since the 1930s, Horace Small is a brand you can trust.