Horace Small Uniform Standard Features: Pants

While we looked at the standard features of Horace Small uniform shirts in another blog entry, you can also count on the same great standards in a pair of Horace Small uniform pants. With a long history of designing and manufacturing uniforms for emergency responders, police, firefighters and others, these uniforms have withstood the test of time and help you get the job done right. Pair any of the excellent Horace Small uniform shirts with a great pair of uniform pants to find the right uniform that is comfortable and durable. Horace Small also offers city and state specific uniforms, depending on your needs. When Horace Small began making uniforms for emergency responders, he wanted to come up with a method that would get them the uniforms more quickly. He began by making standardized uniforms that were more readily available to the people who needed them. You can find just the right uniform through our website, or by talking to a customer service representative, and have it shipped right to your door, or workplace. Let’s look at the features that are standard on every pair of Horace Small uniform pants.

Standard Uniform Features: Pants

When you need to get the job done, it’s important to have clothing that you can count on. If you’re responding to an emergency, the last thing you should be worrying about is your clothing. With Horace Small standard uniform features, you can count on your uniform being comfortable, durable, and exactly what you need. Let’s look at five standard features on Horace Small pants.

  1. Women’s styles with Comfort Cool-Flex waistband. Count on comfortable pants featuring the comfort Cool-Flex waistband. No more feeling cut off at the waist when bending and twisting, just comfort while getting the job done.

  2. Men’s styles with 2” Cool-Flex waistband, French-fly tab and crotch lining. Men can feel comfortable on the job as well with a two inch Cool-Flex waistband, and the French-fly tab and crotch lining ensure durability.

  3. Brass ratcheting zipper and crush-proof hook-and-eye closure. These closures keep your Horace Small uniform pants professional looking, and keep you from worrying about your uniform. You can focus on what’s really important in your job.

  4. Front pocket is faced, topstitched with bartacks at top and bottom entry for reinforcement. When you need a pocket, you don’t want to worry that you will lose whatever you put into it. This front pocket is faced for privacy, and reinforced for added security.

  5. Double welt, top stitched hip pockets with triangle bartacks and button tab left pocket closure. These hip pockets are secure and durable, ready to hold whatever is necessary. The button tab closure gives you some peace of mind for keeping your wallet at the ready, or any other objects that need that added security.

Horace Small uniform pants are sure to meet your needs. With features that keep you comfortable on the job, you really can’t go wrong. Horace Small pants are durable and let you focus on what’s really important: getting the job done. Emergency responders have enough to worry about without worrying about their clothing. Choose Horace Small uniforms for peace of mind.