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How Often Should You Replace Your Work Clothes?

Depending on your job, you may need to replace your work clothes more often than others. While a chef can usually get away with using the same pair of pants until they begin to show serious wear after a year, an automotive technician may need to replace his or her shirts more often considering the excessive amount of oil and grease with which he or she comes in contact. If you are a company owner providing workwear for employees, there are a few thing to keep in mind that might impact how often you should replace work clothes.

  • When codes change. Whether your company uses high visibility workwear, or fire resistant uniforms, you will need to stay on top of the current codes. Workwear codes are in place for the safety of your workers, and your company, and they can change somewhat frequently. To be on the safe side, check at least yearly to be sure that your uniforms and workwear are up-to-date and provide the best possible safety for your employees. When looking for the most current workwear that is up to code, check out Automotive Workwear’s ANSI compliant high visibility Red Kap work wear line, as well as their flame resistant protective clothing line.
  • Adding custom embroidery. Custom embroidery is one of the best things you can do to promote uniformity within your company. It also provides branding, and helps in the customer service department as well. Your company logo custom embroidered on work shirts, jackets, and coveralls is a great way to promote your company name, as well as help customers recognize your brand as trustworthy. Embroidery of employee names is another great way to help customers feel comfortable working with your company.
  • Wear and tear. No matter your field, work wear goes through normal wear and tear. If you are in the field of automotive, maintenance, housekeeping, restaurants, or medical, your workwear easily goes through more than normal wear and tear. That means that you might need to replace your workwear a little more frequently. To save on costs, always choose a brand of work wear that provides comfort and durability, for a low price. The more durable the clothing, the less often you will need to replace it. Red Kap consistently provides sturdy work wear for lower prices.

Replacing your work wear regularly is recommended to maintain a professional appearance on the job. Choosing work wear that wears well, despite a hundred launderings and a tough-on-clothing job, will save money and time. Red Kap has been providing quality workwear “done right” since 1923. They are a trusted brand name in workwear, and can be ordered from Automotive Workwear. When considering replacing workwear, take into account any updates in protective clothing codes. Custom embroidery is another great reason to replace your company’s uniforms. Work clothes that present a professional appearance and pride in the company are also important for maintaining a company image. Contact Automotive Workwear to discuss replacing your company uniforms.