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How to Find the Best Workwear Jacket for You

Many jobs call for the use of a jacket. Automotive technicians, delivery drivers, and maintenance personnel all need workwear jackets that not only look professional, but are durable and practical for on the job. When you’re looking for a work jacket, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Don’t waste your time and money by buying the wrong jacket; just keep these guidelines in mind when shopping.

  • How will it be used? Depending on your job, you might need a lightweight jacket, or a heavyweight jacket. Consider the conditions in which you will be wearing your jacket, as well as what is practical for you. Will you be working outdoors in the fall? Or will you be delivering packages in the bitter winter cold? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best jacket for you. A jacket that allows freedom of movement is preferred, and you will most likely want a jacket that also conveys a sense of professionalism, like the Red Kap slash pocket technician jacket. The boxy shape of the jacket that falls at the hips is the perfect look for an automotive technician.
  • What are the materials? Red Kap makes a variety of jackets, and the most common material used is twill, a cotton/polyester blend. Twill wears well, looks professional, and the nylon taffeta lining provides added warmth. Twill provides a durable outer fabric that can stand up to hard work. Check out Red Kap’s Technician Jackets at Automotive Workwear to view basic jackets for low prices that look good and feel great.
  • Laundering instructions. Any jacket that you buy, or really any piece of work wear that you buy, should launder easily as needed. Get the scoop on how to launder your work wear at home, and read up on the various instructions for different washing methods for Red Kap work wear. You can find that information on the Automotive Workwear website and/or blog.
  • Is it comfortable? Perhaps the most important thing to take into consideration when choosing a new jacket is the level of comfort. A jacket should provide warmth, ease of movement and still let you look professional. Red Kap technician jackets provide a quilted nylon taffeta lining for added warmth, while the outer part of the jacket is twill. Twill provides durability, but also comfort in keeping you warm, and moving easily. Professional looking, durable, and comfortable, Red Kap provides workwear “done right.”

When you’re looking for a jacket, look to Red Kap through Automotive Workwear. Red Kap has been manufacturing America’s workwear since 1923. They are committed to quality and hard work. Red Kap consistently has lower prices than other leading brands, and they never skimp on the quality of the workwear. For added professionalism, consider adding custom embroidery to your jacket. Automotive Workwear can embroider your company logo and employee name for a low cost. When choosing the right jacket, just remember: how will the jacket be used, what fabric is it made from, how to care for it, and last, but not least, is it comfortable.