Work Jeans & Dungarees

Jeans, and How They Fit

Shopping for jeans can be a great experience, but more often than not, it can be a headache inducing experience that ends with semi-decent jeans for you. When you need quality jeans for your job, don’t settle for less than spectacular jeans. Choosing jeans can actually be a simple task when you know what you’re looking for. Jeans come in a variety of fits and shapes. The jeans that are most comfortable for hanging out with family and friends on weekends are probably not going to be the best jeans for your strenuous job, whether it’s automotive, maintenance, or farming. You need to be familiar with the various cuts in order to choose the best ones for you.

  • Classic fit. Classic fit jeans are a good choice for looking professional and properly dressed. A little looser fitting than slim fit jeans, these jeans are more tailored and close fitting than relaxed fit jeans. Depending on your job, you know if these jeans provide enough ease of movement for your tasks. Jeans do, of course, stretch with you to some small degree. Most classic fit jeans feature a traditional rise, sitting at your natural waist which makes these nice for work. You don’t want to be worried about your jeans falling too low when you’re trying to look professional on the job.
  • Loose fit. Loose fit jeans are extremely relaxed. These jeans will be loose through the seat, hips, thighs, and legs. If you are larger, or need a jeans that allow a lot of movement on the job, these might be the perfect work pants for you. Most loose fit jeans have a straight leg, and Red Kap makes a pair with an updated lower rise. A lower rise with loose fit jeans might make for a more comfortable work experience, but just be sure to maintain a professional appearance with a longer shirt and/or a belt.
  • Relaxed fit. Relaxed fit jeans are somewhere in between the classic fit and the loose fit. They are comfortably relaxed through the seat and thighs, allowing for ease of movement, while still holding some shape. Like the classic fit, most relaxed fit jeans will have the traditional rise, sitting at your natural waist. Depending on your job, relaxed fit jeans are a nice compromise between the more close fitting classic fit and the almost-but-not-quite baggy style of loose fitting jeans for a professional look.
  • Dungarees. Dungarees are, in fact, simply another term for blue jeans. If your job calls for dungarees, know that you can opt for a pair of blue jeans, whether or not they are listed as dungarees. Since they are simply jeans, dungarees are available in a variety of fits–classic, loose, and relaxed are the ones you will most likely see for workwear. As seen above, you can choose the fit that will work best for your body type and job.

When you’re looking for work wear jeans, check out the Red Kap offerings at Automotive Workwear. With a variety of styles, you can be sure to find the perfect pair for your needs.