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Measuring for a Good Fit: FR Garments for Men

When you are ordering flame resistant uniforms, you want to ensure that each garment fits the workers properly. You will get the best measurements by having someone else measure you for the right fit, so having a person measure your whole crew might be a good option. Whether you hire someone to measure them, or do it yourself, these handy guidelines will make sure that the FR garments fit properly, offering maximum protection from on-the-job hazards. We will look at guidelines for measuring men, and then women.

Guidelines for Measuring Men

You will want to start with measuring the neck size. This is an important measurement to know for ordering flame resistant shirts, jackets, and coveralls. Have the person measuring stand to your side, and hold the tape around your neck. With the measurement shown, add ¼” inch to the number. That will be the neck size to order. Next you will want to measure sleeve length. With your assistant at your back, hold your arm up chest high and touch your nose. Your measuring assistant should measure from the bottom center of your neck, down your arm, and across your elbow to the far end of the wrist bone. Whatever number of inches is shown will be the correct measurement. After measuring the neck and sleeve size, you will want to measure chest size. Your assistant should stand in front of you, and reach the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. It should go under your arms, and around your shoulder blades. Write down the number of inches shown on the tape, and then add 2” inches to the number. This will be the chest size to order for shirts, jackets, and any FR garment that requires a chest measurement. Please note: if the belly measurement is larger than the chest measurement, use the belly measurement for the size to order. Now you will want to measure the waist size. Your assistant should stand in front of you and measure around your natural waistline, which is just above the hip bones. The number shown will be the size to order. Lastly, measure the inseam to know how long to order pants and coveralls. You should stand with your feet flat on the ground, keeping your legs straight and slightly apart. Your assistant will ask you to hold one end of the tape measure at the base of the crotch seam, while he or she measures down the inside of the leg to the top of your shoe. The number of inches shown is the proper inseam length. These guidelines should be applied to measuring for ordering flame resistant uniforms.

Please keep in mind, these measuring guidelines apply to ordering flame resistant workwear. FR garments should fit properly and be worn correctly in order to receive the maximum protection against flash fires and electrical arcs. Take the time to ensure that your crew is outfitted with well fitting flame resistant uniforms, and that they are worn properly. When flame resistant uniforms are not worn properly, i.e. coveralls open to the waist, etc., they will not do the job they are designed to do, resulting in little or no protection for workers. Encourage proper wearing and fit by having your crew measured.