Measuring for a Good Fit: FR Garments for Women

While we looked at how to properly measure men for well fitting flame resistant workwear in another blog post, this one will look at how to properly measure women. It is imperative that workers wear well fitting FR garments to receive maximum protection. Flame resistant uniforms can save your life, so it’s important that they fit well, and are worn correctly. Again, as we saw in the previous blog post, you will get the most accurate measurements by having an assistant do the measuring for you.

Guidelines for Measuring Women

Having an assistant to help measure you is the best way to get the most accurate measurements. For measuring women for flame resistant garments, start with the bust measurements. Have your assistant stand to your side, and hold the tape firmly under one arm. The tape should go around your shoulder blades, under your arms, and around the fullest part of your bust. Keep your arms to your sides as much as possible, since it can affect the measurement if they are raised too high. The number of inches shown will be the proper bust size to order. Next, measure the waist. With your assistant still to your side, he or she should measure around your natural waistline and the number of inches shown will be the correct waist size to order. The hip measurement is next, and the tape should go around the fullest part of your hips. This can also be considered a “seat” measurement. Your assistant should stand to your side, and start measuring 7-8 inches below the natural waistline. If the tape cannot be moved up and down, it’s not around the fullest part. The number of inches shown will be the correct seat measurement. Lastly, measure the inseam. You will stand with both feet flat on the ground with your legs straight and slightly apart. Hold one end of the tape measure at the base of your crotch seam, while your assistant measures down the inside of your leg to the top of your shoe. The number of inches shown will be the inseam length to order. These four measurements will be important for ordering well fitting flame resistant workwear for women.

Whether you are the safety manager, or a woman on the crew, encourage women workers to get properly fitted for their flame resistant uniforms. Flame resistant workwear can save lives, keeping burns from flash fires and electrical arcs to minor injuries, but if the garments are worn improperly, it can lead to a false sense of security. In order for the garments to give the maximum protection, they need to fit well and be worn properly. Review the right kinds of undergarments to wear with flame resistant workwear, and be sure to zip/button flame resistant workwear as instructed by the garment manufacturer. Well fitting flame resistant workwear keeps you safe. Before ordering your flame resistant workwear, take the time to have someone measure you accurately to get the right size and fit for your FR garments.