AW- Red Kap Shirt

Motorsports Shirt: Only the Best from Red Kap

Red Kap has been specializing in automotive workwear for years, making them a trusted brand for mechanics and gearheads alike. If you’re looking for a shirt that is ready for the track and garage, look no further than Red Kap’s motorsports shirt. This shirt, while featuring the quality and value of all Red Kap garments, also has some specific features that make it especially great for jobs in the garage and out on the racetrack. Keep reading to find out some of the excellent features that make this shirt outstanding.

Fabric. The fabric on this Red Kap motorsports shirt is truly amazing. Treated with Red Kap’s Touchtex technology, grease, oil, and dirt will cease to be a problem. Stains are repelled by the finish, helping to keep you looking clean and professional. The durability of the fabric means that you can launder this shirt a hundred times and not worry about losing the color. This particular shirt uses fabric that wicks away perspiration from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable on the job. Many work shirts pill up or get pulls from the various jobs throughout the day, but not this one. This Red Kap motorsports shirt has abrasion resistant fabric that stays smooth, maintaining a professional look. The wrinkle resistant fabric makes it easy to wash and wear.
Details. While the fabric in and of itself is perfect for the job, the details really make this shirt shine. Permanent collar stays keep this shirt looking crisp and professional, even at the end of a hard day’s work. A longer shirt length means that your shirt can stay tucked in, even when you’re leaning over the car, or squatting to look underneath. The longer length takes away the annoyance of having your shirt come untucked, or revealing too much. The chest pockets are button-thru design, keeping items in place even when leaning over engines. All these details make this Red Kap motorsports shirt one of the best choices for keeping you or your crew professional in appearance.
Design. This Red Kap motorsports shirt is designed to keep the whole crew looking professional. The side color panels give the shirt a slimming, athletic look that is great for various body types. The unique color block design on the shoulder keeps this motorsports shirt looking and feeling modern. With its great design, you can customize this shirt with colors and custom embroidery to represent your company.

Looking for the perfect motorsports shirt for you and your crew? You really can’t go wrong with this Red Kap design. From the fabric, to the details, to the design, this shirt is ready for the hard work in the garage and out on the track. Stain and wrinkle resistant, with professional details like a longer length and collar stays, this shirt is designed to flatter various body types and leave a lasting impression. With customizable options, this shirt offers the best quality for the best price. Check out our website to see more Red Kap options for you and your crew. You can always call a customer service representative to place an order or get help, or you can easily navigate the website and place your order there.