High Visibility Work Clothing by Red Kap

What Do You Need for Workwear?

Do you really know what you need for workwear? There are a few questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you are really getting exactly what you need. It’s important to also remember that there are quite a few options for getting what you need. At Automotive Workwear we carry a wide variety of options that cater to many, many job categories. From flame resistant, secondary fire protection, to the hospitality industry, to the automotive industry, we have a lot to offer. First, let’s look at a couple questions you can ask yourself to find out if you really know what you need.


  • What industry are you working in?

  • What are the requirements of your job?

  • Are you looking to outfit a crew?

While there are dozens more questions that you could ask yourself, these three are a really good place to start. Clarifying the industry you work in will lead to further questions. Are you in electrical, or the oil and gas industry? If so, are you aware of the OSHA requirements and flame resistant workwear standards you need to meet? You can find further information about the requirements on our website. Be aware, if you are in the manufacturing industry and your employees are in any danger from combustible dust, you will need to adhere to the 70e standard. If you’re in the automotive industry, you can narrow down your options to our Red Kap automotive workwear. It’s the best of the best, and has the perfect options for you. Maybe you are in contracting, in which case you will want to check out our Wrangler workwear line. They are stylish and professional workwear garments that work as hard as you do–check out all the features that make these garments amazing!

Knowing the requirements of your job will help you get a handle on what features you really need from a garment. If you are in auto detailing, you’re definitely going to want the Red Kap work shirts featuring a fabric front placket, allowing you to lean over cars without worrying about ruining a fresh paint job. Does your job require you to keep a lot of gadgets at the ready? Check out our work pants with a deep enough pocket to hold a ruler, or take a look at our coveralls that have a variety of handy pockets.

Looking to outfit a crew will raise a bunch of other questions, but at this point, it helps to know that you can purchase at volume pricing from our company. You can have all our garments custom embroidered with your company logo and employee names. Almost all of our Red Kap workwear is designed to hold up to industrial washing, which can be a selling point when looking to outfit a large crew.

While these questions and answers may have raised more questions for you, just know that we are always happy to help. Check out our website for further information and garment options, or call a customer service representative to find out more.