Work Coveralls

Overall and Coveralls: Which is Right for You?

Workwear can mean a lot of different things, from business casual, to overalls and coveralls. Most everyone is familiar with overalls, whether you wore them in the 7th grade to be cool, or you honestly needed to wear them around the farm to keep clean. Coveralls, while they haven’t had their moment of trendy fashion, are perhaps the most used workwear for automotive technicians, pilots, painters, fishermen, and many other professions. While overalls are generally worn with a shirt and made of denim fabric, coveralls have a little bit more variety. You can find coveralls sized to fit over your clothing, or as your clothing, depending on your workwear needs. They come in a variety of colors, and even have different closures. While overalls usually just have straps that come over your shoulders and hook, coveralls tend to cover your whole torso as well as your legs. They come in short or long sleeve, depending on what you need. So how do you determine what you actually need?

Think about what you need the workwear for. If you really just need good coverage for your bottom half, and prefer the more open top, overalls are probably a good choice for you. Red Kap makes a high bib, 100 percent cotton, denim overall that is a great option. With a relaxed fit, these overalls are comfortable and practical. Coveralls, the more commonly needed option for keeping your clothing, or your whole body protected, are available in multiple styles. Denim coveralls are not that common, since they have to cover your whole body. Twill is a preferred fabric choice, allowing for breathability, while still protecting your skin and clothing from hazards on the job. You can find snap closures, as well as zipper closures. Depending on your job, you know which will be easier for you to use. Working in the automotive industry, short sleeve jumpsuits are a good option. Red Kap offers a pair of coveralls that has elastic in the back to help fit, a two way brass zipper for easy on and off, and a finish designed to help the fabric stay clean. Of course, pockets are an important part of choosing your coveralls. When you’re on the job, you need pockets to hold the variety of work related gear you need easy access to. Look for coveralls with different pocket options, and determine which ones work best for you.

While overalls and coveralls come in a variety of options, and have different uses, both are some of the best workwear you can find. Red Kap has been selling overalls since they opened in 1923, so you can count on them to provide the best overalls and coveralls for your needs. Whether you need long sleeved coveralls to protect you from your work environment, keeping grease and other substances away from your skin, or just a pair of sturdy, reliable overalls to work in, you can always find the best workwear for your needs at