Linden Grey

Professional Workwear: Linden Grey

Since 2007, Linden Grey has been manufacturing top of the line professional workwear for the service industry. This includes professional looking sweaters, dress shirts and pants, and more. This brand, a part of VF Imagewear, is available through Automotive Workwear, and can be found in a variety of places. Search “Linden Grey” on the website to quickly pull up the various options. If you are looking for tailored, professional looking attire for servers, management, and other positions that require a business-like dress code, this is the brand you will want to check out. There are three things that make Linden Grey workwear such a great choice for you and your company.

Stylish Fit. Linden Grey workwear, like all the brands we carry, offers high quality clothing for the best possible prices. Linden Grey workwear is professional in appearance, and maintains a stylish fit to keep you current. Tailored dress shirts are available in men’s and women’s sizing. Women’s work pants are available in different colors and styles, from flat front khaki slacks, to adjustable waist slacks. Linden Grey also makes a women’s zip-up cardigan sweater that is perfect for the professional job in cooler environments.
Exceptional Quality. Linden Grey manufactures clothing with close attention to quality. Their clothing is made from a variety of fabrics. They have a pair of women’s dress pants made from microfiber, creating a sleek, tailored line. Available in navy, khaki, or black, these pants are comfortable without compromising appearance. You can also find wrinkle resistant dress shirts for men and women. The fabric is a cotton/polyester blend, making these shirts breathable and comfortable for long days at work, but the shirts maintain their professional appearance. Linden Grey items vary in their care instructions, depending on the fabrics of the garments. Some are home care, while others will need to be dry cleaned. You can count on the quality of these garments, that they will be lasting investments for professional workwear, when cared for properly.
Ease of Availability. Another reason to choose Linden Grey workwear for your professional attire is the ease of availability. Whatever you need, you can easily access it through Automotive Workwear. If you are looking to outfit a large staff and would like to set up an account with us, you will have direct access to your account manager who can quickly order the items you need and have them shipped directly to you. If you only need a few items here and there, you can still easily order them through our website, or by calling a customer service representative to help you.

When you are looking for professional work attire, Linden Grey is your best choice. From outfitting servers in 5 star restaurants and hotels, to workwear for business and management positions, Linden Grey manufactures quality, stylish workwear that you can easily order from Automotive Workwear. If you need any custom embroidery, Automotive Workwear can add on your company logo or other design so that your professional workwear is ready to be worn. If you’re interested in ordering Linden Grey workwear, check out our website, or call a customer service representative.