Red Kap, Bulwark, & Chef Designs Brands

Proud to Be a Distributor of VF Imagewear

Automotive Workwear is proud to be a top distributor for the brands of VF Imagewear. VF Imagewear is known around the world for their high quality brands, outfitting workers on oil rigs, in factories, on the golf course, and in the boardroom. You might be familiar with some of the great brands that are available: Red Kap, Bulwark, Chef Designs, and more.

Red Kap is a leading brand in the automotive industry, and a major brand from VF Imagewear. What began as a family business in 1923, selling overalls, has become a nationally recognized brand that manufactures high quality automotive workwear. When you choose Red Kap, you know you can count on durable, breathable fabrics that stand up to a hard day’s work. A stain resistant finish keeps your clothes looking clean and professional. Your job becomes easier with the details that Red Kap makes sure to include. Front plackets cover buttons, allowing you to work on cars without marring that beautiful, new paint job. Pencil stalls in pockets allow you to keep a tire gauge at the ready. Red Kap makes a variety of crew shirts, coveralls, jackets, and more.

Bulwark is a leading brand in flame resistant (FR) uniforms. They offer a variety of fabrics, from treated cotton, to inherently flame resistant fabrics like Nomex IIIA and Cool Touch 2. Their work wear is designed with your safety in mind. Flame resistant workwear means the difference between minor burns and severe, life threatening injuries. It is important to be aware of the safety standards for your job, and whether you need flame resistant workwear. Bulwark has a wide variety of clothing including FR jeans, sweatshirts, and shirts, as well as coveralls and lab coats. Before ordering Bulwark flame resistant uniforms, you should check with your safety manager to find out the HRC level you need to comply with, or the ATPV rating you need to meet. Bulwark is another trusted brand from VF Imagewear

Chef Designs is consistently making quality workwear for both back of the house and front of the house workers. Chefs have a long tradition of wearing coats and pants that were designed specifically for their skills and job environment. The coat is traditionally double breasted to give added protection to the torso when working around the deep fryer and other hot surfaces. The long, wide sleeves allow for ease of movement and protection from hot surfaces, but can easily be rolled up when working cold stations. Chef Designs is not only proudly manufacturing traditional workwear, they are taking it to new levels. A vented back allows for more breathability in the chef coat, without giving up protection. Chef Designs also offers traditional checkered pants that distract the eye from any food stains, as well as chef pants in plain colors for the modern kitchen.

As a proud distributor of VF Imagewear, Automotive Workwear has each of these brands available for sale, as well as other brands within VF Imagewear, such as Wrangler’s new workwear line. Whether you need a few items for yourself, or are looking to outfit your entire corporation, you can count on Automotive Workwear to have the best workwear items available.