Putting Together a Workwear Uniform: Chef Designs

Do you own or manage a restaurant? Putting together a workwear uniform for all the different positions in the restaurant industry can be quite a task. At Automotive Workwear, we carry Chef Designs apparel, a leading brand in the restaurant industry. These garments are durable, comfortable, and a great choice for outfitting large kitchen crews. Let’s pair together one of our best selling chef pants, with one of our best selling chef coats, so you can get an idea for your outfitting your own line cooks and chefs.

The Chef Designs unisex chef-cook side elastic pants are best sellers for a reason. These chef pants are made of twill, a polyester/cotton blend. The polyester keeps them durable, while the cotton keeps them soft, comfortable, and breathable for long shifts in the kitchen. The breathable cotton factor will be important to your line cooks. These pants feature a snap closure, and wide side elastic in the waistband. That makes these pants a great fit for just about everybody! Two hip pockets are convenient when needed, and the relaxed fit gives these pants a little bit of that classic chef appeal. These pants are available in three color options: classic black and white checkered, solid black, and solid white. Although your cooks and chefs can toss these in the home wash, the side elastic pants are designed to hold up to industrial washings. The Chef Designs side elastic pants, order code 2020, are sold unhemmed, although we do offer custom hemming.

The side elastic pants by Chef Designs are just one of the many options we have for outfitting your cooks and chefs. Try pairing the above pants with our Chef Designs 8-button, unisex, chef coats. These chef coats feature full length sleeves, giving them a classic look. Full length sleeves are the best choice for protection against hot liquids and other job hazards in cooking. The full length sleeve is easy to roll up when performing prep work, or working the pantry station. This chef coat, order code 0403WH, is available in white only. If you would like a black chef coat, be sure to check out some of our other chef coats on the website. The 8-button chef coat is made from twill, a polyester/cotton blend. Like the pants, that polyester gives the coat durability, while the cotton makes it soft and breathable. It is a double breasted coat, with two rows of four pearlized buttons each. The double breasted coat is another classic chef look, giving added protection against hot liquids and sharp points in the kitchen–it’s also a good way to cover up food stains. The stand up collar looks professional, and the cuffs are vented, allowing for maximum airflow, and easy rolling. This chef coat features one left breast pocket, and generous arm hole openings. Built to stand up to industrial washings, these garments can also be tossed in the home wash.

If you’re looking to put together a workwear uniform for the kitchen, check these Chef Designs garments out in further detail on our website. You can see these, and many other options!