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Putting Together a Workwear Uniform: Wrangler, Part Two

Putting together a workwear uniform for a large crew, or just yourself, can be an exciting process. You have to determine what is important to you in the garments, and then look for the best brands and deals. We supply leading brands, such as Red Kap, Wrangler, Bulwark, and more, and we always have the best pricing. If you’re ordering large quantities of each item, contact a customer service representative to get a quote on volume pricing–you will get an even better deal than the already awesome listed price! Yesterday we posted about the Wrangler workwear functional cargo pant, order code WP80. The pants are an excellent product, and are a great choice for contractors. Today we’ll look at pairing a shirt with the pants.

While the men’s functional cargo pant is great on it’s own, you should probably pair it with a shirt to make a complete uniform. We offer a wide variety of shirts on our website, but we encourage you to check out the Wrangler long sleeve work shirts. These shirts are built for strength and mobility, featuring double-needle stitching and side gussets. The side gussets, and two back pleats, allow you a greater range of motion, so you don’t have to worry about straining the seams. This shirt has two fully functional front pockets, giving you extra storage on the job for your pencils, notepads, sunglasses, whatever you need at the ready. The pencil stall is uniquely designed to still allow you full use of the pocket. Each pocket has a button-thru to keep your items secure. This Wrangler work shirt features a straight bottom hem, allowing you to wear it tucked in or out and still maintain a professional appearance. Made from a sturdy canvas weave, with 60 percent cotton, this shirt will be durable, without compromising softness and breathability. It is designed to hold up to industrial washings, so it is a great choice to go with the Wrangler work pants above. This shirt is available in six color options: black, charcoal, khaki, light blue, navy blue, and white. The order code for this particular shirt is WS10. You’ll find it under the “Wrangler Workwear” category on the left hand side of the screen.

The Wrangler long sleeve work shirt is just one option to pair with your new work pants. Be sure to check out all our different workwear garments to make sure you choose the best fit and style for you, or your crew. If you need custom embroidery, we also offer that through Automotive Workwear. We can embroider your company logo, or employee names, directly onto your chosen garments. The process is fairly simple, and custom embroidery is a great way to finish your work wear uniform, and promote branding of your company, while giving great customer service. You can find more information on our website regarding custom embroidery, and volume pricing, as well as viewing all our great workwear options. You are welcome to call a customer service representative to place your order, or just get help finding exactly what you need.