Red Kap Work Clothing

Red Kap: The Leading Brand in Workwear

When it comes to work wear, Red Kap is the expert. They have been making work apparel for America since 1923, with a long history of durable clothing “done right.” What started out as a simple family business of selling overalls has turned into one of the nation’s leading brands in workwear. What makes them such a great company? There are several reasons, keep reading and find out.

  • Quality. Red Kap work wear provides superior quality to other leading brands. Whether you need a jacket, or coveralls, or work pants, you can count on the materials used to be sturdy and durable. Twill cotton is a popular choice for workwear since it is a slightly thicker material and still breathable. Red Kap also offers 100 percent cotton workwear, and other options, depending on your need. The zippers, snaps, pockets, and other amenities of workwear are always carefully sewn with attention to detail. You can count on Red Kap work wear to hold up to even the toughest jobs, and multiple launderings.
  • Experience. Red Kap has been providing workwear since the early 1920s. Although their offerings have expanded over time, their commitment to providing the best has not. Red Kap has a long history to draw on when manufacturing workwear, however, they don’t want to simply sit back and make the same pair of overalls every day. No, Red Kap is out in garages, observing the automotive industry, finding out what maintenance workers need, and basically, always looking ahead to make sure that their workwear provides exactly what is needed.
  • Pricing. There are a pretty wide variety of workwear prices on the market. When you’re looking for a leading brand, with the best quality, you can’t beat Red Kap prices. They are consistently lower than other leading brands–sometimes by as much as 50 percent. In this economy, durable clothing for an economical price is important.
  • Availability. Red Kap has many distributors, making them available nationwide. Automotive Workwear is the leading distributor of Red Kap work wear, and provides excellent customer service to help you make your choice, and get the workwear delivered as quickly as possible for your needs. Ordering online can save you time and money. There are regular sales offered on workwear, and no need to wait in line.
  • Options. Red Kap offers a variety of workwear options. What sort of job are you in? The automotive field, the medical field, housekeeping, maintenance, whatever you do, Red Kap has got you covered. They have a multitude of work pants available in different colors and fits, depending on your need. Work shirts are also available. Crew shirts, coveralls, and jackets are other quality options with Red Kap. They have a housekeeping line, as well as manufacturing shop coats and lab coats. Whatever piece of work wear you need, Red Kap makes it.

You need work clothesthat works as hard as you do, and that’s why you should choose Red Kap. As a leading brand for work wear, you can count on Red Kap to consistently deliver quality goods for lower prices.