Red Kap Denim Shirts
If you need denim, or western, work shirts, Red Kap provides sturdy, comfortable, quality workwear. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of shirts available. From stylish denim shirts that easily go from on the job to casual wear, to denim work shirts that provide comfort, ease of movement, and practicality while working, find the work shirts that work best for your needs. Keep reading for a quick run through on the denim and western work shirts available from Automotive Workwear.

Men’s Premium Denim Western Work Shirts
This western style shirt is made of 100% cotton fine weave denim. With a closure of six pearlized snaps, and a button at the neck, this work shirt is stylish and serviceable. The collar is banded, and top stitched. The cuffs are top stitched, and feature snaps on the cuffs and sleeves. Two large flap pockets are on the front of this denim work shirt, and feature a pencil stall in the left chest pocket, and pearlized snap closures. One of Automotive Workwear’s bestsellers, this shirt is manufactured by Red Kap, and recommended for home wash.

Men’s Western Style Long Sleeve Chambray Uniform Shirt
With western style front and back yokes, this work shirt is stylish and practical. It is made from a polyester/cotton blend, and features a six snap closure with simulated pearl snaps. There is a button at the neck. The collar is lined, with sewn in stays. Two front pockets are spade style, with functional flaps, and simulated pearl snap closures. This shirt is manufactured by Red Kap, and recommended for industrial wash.

Men’s Western Style Short Sleeve Chambray Uniform Shirt. Billed as a western style, dress uniform shirt, this work shirt is practical and stylish enough for work and casual wear. Made from a polyester/cotton blend, this shirt features a western style front and back yokes, with six simulated pearl snaps up the front, and a button at the neck. The collar is lined with sewn in stays. The front pockets are spade style, with functional flaps featuring simulated pearl snap closures. Manufactured by Red Kap, this work shirt is recommended for industrial wash.

Wrangler Denim Long Sleeve Shirt
Made of 100% cotton, this denim work shirt features a seven button vertical closure. The collar is topstitched, button down, and lined. A left chest pocket with button closure and a pencil stall make this shirt practical for on the job. This shirt features a double layer back yoke, and a single button on the sleeve placket. Manufactured by Wrangler, this shirt is recommended for home wash.

Denim and western style work shirts are practical and efficient for on the job working, as well as being in style for casual wear. Denim shirts provide protection from the elements, comfort, and ease of movement, while still offering a classic western look. Choose the work shirt that best suits your needs by checking out the denim and western shirt offerings from AutomotiveWorkwear.com.