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Red Kap Performance Workwear

The Red Kap collection of Performance Workwear provides more than just quality workwear. It is designed with you in mind, to complete the hard work that you do everyday. Working under the hood, behind the wheel, in the shop or garage, this collection of clothing can take the toughest jobs, and keep you comfortable, and looking professional. This collection includes work shirts, work pants, and more. There are a few key features that make this collection so great. Let’s look at nine reasons these workwear items are the best choice for you.

Fabric. Red Kap, manufacturing quality workwear for the automotive industry since the 1920s, uses Touchtex fabric for this collection. It is breathable, comfortable, and designed with you in mind. It wicks away moisture, retains its color through many launderings, and has a soil release finish to help keep it clean.
Seams. DuraSeams means double stitched seams for all your automotive workwear. Stronger seams means workwear that lasts longer, and works harder.
Bartacks. SewStrong bartacks, angled stitching, are placed at points of stress. The bartacks help alleviate the strain and prevent ripping, so you don’t have to worry about your work clothes wearing out at the wrong time.
Roll Stop. This Red Kap collection offers roll stop waistbands on their pants. This feature is practical and comfortable, allowing your waistband to lay flat and keep it’s shape all day long.
Triple Grip System. The triple grip system uses a zipper, angled bartacks, and a button closure to keep your work pants where they belong. Worry about the job you’re working on, and not your pants, knowing that this system will be secure.
Smart Placket. There are few things worse than ruining a paint job with your buttons. The smart placket on this workwear collection has a fabric placket over the work shirt buttons to keep you from scratching the paint.
Hex Pocket. The design of the hex pocket cuts down on lint and dirt collecting in pocket corners. These pockets are practical in nature, with button closures to keep tools from falling out.
Versa Hem. The hemline of these work shirts is straight, allowing for a professional appearance whether tucked in or out. A straight hemline is functional and smart, making it the perfect choice for the automotive industry.
Testing. Red Kap spends time in the shops and garages across America, looking for ways to design workwear that makes your job easier. Each workwear item undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it holds up to tough jobs, and meets the standards that you need it to. Red Kap guarantees workwear “done right,” and they meticulously test their workwear for proof of excellence in construction, engineering, and design.

If you are in the market for new workwear for your shop, consider the Red Kap Performance Workwear collection. You can choose from work shirts that are practical and professional in appearance, and work pants that are comfortable and worry-free. You can go online and order through Automotive Workwear, or call a customer service representative to place your order today.