Red Kap Work Wear: Choosing the Best in the Automotive Industry

Are you passionate about your work in the automotive industry? Do you ever feel frustrated that your work clothes just aren’t keeping up with you? Red Kap work wear is a leading brand in the automotive industry for a reason. If you have been feeling like the garments you currently have are overpriced, or just aren’t up to all the hard work you do, check out our Red Kap options on our website.

Red Kap has been in business since it started out as two brothers selling overalls in the 1920s. This business is a home grown, all-American company, that really took off as it provided uniforms during World War II. Over time, Red Kap found it’s niche by focusing on the automotive industry, and really taking the time to create workwear pieces that were exactly what gearheads were looking for. Whether you work in a garage, or on the racetrack, you can count on Red Kap to make exactly what you need.

Automotive Workwear is the largest distributor of Red Kap work wear in the nation, and we are proud to offer a wide variety of garments to meet your needs. You can check out our website to see the various options and order, or call a customer service representative to have someone help you find just the right garment and place your order. We have a number of best selling garments, so let’s take a look at just a few of the most commonly ordered garments in the automotive industry.

Our Men’s Twill Action Back Coverall, order code CT10, is available in 9 different colors, making is easy to find the best match for your company. The polyester/cotton blend keeps the garment comfortable and breathable, without compromising durability. The convenient pocket placement makes this coverall a great choice for keeping you clean, and all your gadgets at the ready. This Red Kap garment is sized to be worn over regular clothing.

If you are in need of jackets, our Slash Pocket Technician Jackets, order code JT22, are the ones to order. Available in five different colors, with affordable pricing, these Red Kap jackets are perfect for staying warm on the job, and maintaining a professional appearance. We offer custom embroidery if you would like to see your company logo, or employee name, on the garment. The jacket is waist length, with conveniently placed pockets. It is lined with quilted nylon taffeta, and is the perfect weight for fall and spring.

Although we have a wide variety of work shirts and pants, our Men’s Industrial Work Shirt, and our Men’s Dura-Kap Industrial Work Pant, are the favorites. This Red Kap shirt is available in short or long sleeve, and comes in 21 different solid colors. It is also available in 14 different striped colors.  The pants come in 7 classic color options, allowing you to find the best match for your shirts and company. With functional styling, comfortable and durable fabric, these garments are sure to keep you happy in the long run.

Visit our website to view all our Red Kap garments, and find exactly what you need. You can place your order through the website, or call a customer service representative to assist you.