AW- Red Kap Shirt

Rip Stop Fabric: Revolutionizing Your Workwear

Your workwear comes in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, twill, duck, canvas, and others. The most common is probably a cotton/polyester blend. That blend keeps you cool and comfortable on the job, without compromising ease of garment care. However, you might have found that over time, your work shirts or pants have started showing signs of wear by the appearance of rips and tears. On the one hand, your work environment has a reputation for being hard on clothes and your workwear has hopefully had a pretty good run. But on the other hand, should you have to worry that your shirt will rip if it gets caught on a jutting edge of metal, or in the midst of changing the oil? The answer is no. You should be able to do your job, without thinking about accidentally ripping your clothes.

Red Kap’s rip stop fabric will revolutionize your workwear wardrobe. The rip stop fabric used in these Red Kap garments is still comprised of a cotton/polyester blend. You will still find that quality of comfort and durability, but the fabric does look slightly different. Rip stop is a special way of weaving the fabric. When you look closely at it, you will see a small, slightly raised box pattern on the garment. While the weave won’t be noticeable unless you’re looking for it, it is the main selling feature of our two Red Kap garments that feature rip stop fabric. The special weaving allows the garment to stop itself before tearing. If you get a hole in the shirt, it will not turn into a rip. This feature makes these shirts excellent options for the on the job, and off the job!

We are currently selling two Red Kap garments that have rip stop fabric. The SY10 is a men’s long sleeve mechanics crew shirt, and is available in five different color combinations. The rip stop fabric on this shirt is fantastic, but the shirt itself also fits very nicely, looking professional and neat, even after a long day. The other garment is the SY20, a men’s short sleeve mechanics crew shirt. This shirt comes in a plan front with pockets, or a front featuring horizontal striping. The striped is available in 12 different options. Both the short sleeve and the long sleeve are best sellers at Automotive Workwear. The rip stop fabric is perhaps the most beneficial quality, but the excellent fit and quality of the garment have made it truly stand out.

The automotive industry has benefited greatly from the quality garments that Red Kap has put out over the years. Red Kap is constantly spending time thinking up what garment features will help you do your job better. Using rip stop fabric for their mechanics crew shirts shows that they are, yet again, keeping up with the industry and thinking ahead so you don’t have to worry about your workwear. Red Kap garments are workwear “done right,” and we hope you will take the time to check them out.