performance auto shirt

Rock Solid Performance Auto Shirt

Whether you are changing transmissions, or rebuilding a muscle car, you need an auto shirt that will give a rock solid performance. Your work shirt should keep you looking clean, and have practical features that make your job easier. That’s why this auto shirt, one of PowerBlock TV’s official work shirts, is such a great choice. Keep reading for seven fantastic features that will make this work shirt your favorite.

The Fabric. This work shirt features comfortable and breathable Touchtex fabric. The technology behind Touchtex fabric keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day. The fabric resists stains, and retains its color despite numerous washings, making this work shirt an obvious choice for hard work in the automotive industry.
The Fit. The fit of this auto shirt is modern, meaning that it has longer sleeves and a longer tail. The longer sleeves allow for an increased range of motion, while the longer tail keeps your shirt tucked in throughout the day’s activities. Be comfortable bending and moving around to get the job done, without worrying about your shirt coming untucked.
The Collar. The collar features sewn in stays that keep your shirt looking professional, even after a full day of automotive work. No matter your job, it’s important to look your best, and this Red Kap work shirt keeps you looking as meticulous as the work you do.
Pencil Pocket. Pockets are often the most needed feature on automotive workwear. This work shirt features a pencil pocket that is handy for holding a pencil, a tire gauge, or whatever small tools you might need to have ready at hand.
Hex Pockets. Two chest hex pockets are easily accessible, and held closed by a well placed button to be sure you don’t lose anything when bending over. The hex angles ensure that the pocket edges on your work shirts stay clean and dirt free.
The Seams. The double stitched DuraSeams provide your work shirt with maximum strength to survive hectic days at work and multiple launderings. When you are constantly stretching and bending, it’s important to have strong seams on your workwear.
The Bartacks. SewStrong bartacks are angled stitching at stress points that keep your pockets and clothing from ripping and tearing. You can put important tools, lugnuts, and whatever else you might need in your pockets, and it will still be there when you’re ready to use it.

If you are looking for a new work shirt, consider this Red Kap auto shirt–the SP24. It is available in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to find the custom color that represents your shop. You can go online to order, or call a customer service representative to get your new auto shirts. These auto shirts will quickly become your favorite with low prices and handy features that are practical, as well as professional looking. Sturdy, breathable fabric, strong seams and bartacks to prevent ripping, and convenient pockets make this shirt one of your best options for automotive workwear.