High Visibility Work Apparel

On our website you will find a wide variety of workwear items, including lab coats, flame resistant garments, coveralls, chef pants, and housekeeping uniforms. When you need quality workwear garments that are durable, practical, functional, and professional in appearance, we have exactly what you need. Drawing from some of the most trusted names in the business, we provide automotive, industrial, flame resistant, first responder, and other garments to you at affordable prices. Our brands include Red Kap, Bulwark, Chef Designs, Horace Small, and Wrangler. On our site, you will find categories on the left side of the screen, rather than brands. These categories are quick ways to guide you to exactly what you need. We know that the garments you need are more important than the branding.

Automotive Workwear is the first heading you’ll see. Within that category, you will find options for automotive dealerships (classic work shirts with logos and striping that you can choose by car manufacturer), automotive technician (popular choices for the technician),  school programs (see popular school uniform choices, and get information on setting up a uniform program with us), tow truck driver safety (high visibility products), Red Kap automotive (our classics and best sellers), and Red Kap custom shop (shirt and striping options). This is a main category, one that can easily guide you through choosing the right automotive work apparel for you business. However, you might not be looking for specific automotive garments. You might need something a little more generic.

On the left side of the screen, you will find many other categories. You can look at our Chef & Kitchen category to view some of our best sellers and favorites. Most of the garments in that category will be manufactured by Chef Designs. Next up is our Coveralls & Overalls category, which has really great Red Kap products. Our coveralls are extremely popular, so you’ll be able to also read reviews on some of our best sellers. Next up is Embroidery Services, which has information and pricing on getting your new workwear garments custom embroidered for your business. We can do company logos, employee names, and more. Our flame resistant workwear is another big seller. We carry the Bulwark brand, which is a leader is FR technology. We also have categories for High Visibility, Hotel Housekeeping, Industrial Workwear, Jackets, Lab Coats, and more. If you’re in the security or first responder sector, check out our Horace Small garments in the Security & Police category. We also have a Featured Specials category where you can score some great deals on favorite pieces.

If you are in need of workwear, be sure to check out our website to find exactly what you need, and place your order. With classic, trusted brands, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service, you can quickly and easily obtain the garments and items that you need to get the job done. Or, as Red Kap says, get the job “done right.” We look forward to helping you.