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Setting Up a Uniform Program for Your School

Many technical schools have a fresh batch of students entering the program every six weeks, if not more often. New students means finding uniforms and getting them embroidered with your school logo. Having a uniform program can save you time and stress, by being able to simply have your students place an order with you online, and have all the needed uniforms and items sent. Automotive Workwear is proud to work with a number of schools, providing them with a uniform program that lets them easily order needed items for new and existing students. Ordering with Automotive Workwear ensures consistency in embroidery designs and colors, and quality Red Kap garments.

Setting up a uniform program for your school is fairly simple. Give us a call and talk to a customer service representative about getting set up. We will work with you to get just the right embroidered logo for your school. You can choose the Red Kap garments that students should wear, and where to place the embroidery. We offer a wide variety of Red Kap automotive workwear, so check out our options online to see what will meet your needs. Getting your custom embroidered logo is pretty easy, and you always have the final say on it.  You will send us a JPEG of your school logo, which we will convert into a digital file that our embroidery machines can read. The logo will be embroidered and sent to you for approval. Once it is approved, that exact logo will be used on any uniforms that students order. When you set up a uniform program with us, you can expect consistency in the embroidery, colors, and quality of the garments. You can expect the initial embroidery process to take a week, as we digitize your logo, embroider it, and have it sent to you for approval. After that, the logo will stay on file to your specifications, and can easily be added to the garments that you choose to have available for your students.

Having a uniform program for your school saves you considerable time and effort. With the uniform program that we offer, you can simply send your students to a website to place their order. Students are responsible for getting measured and ordering the uniform. This allows you to easily keep track of information online for student uniforms, and takes away the headache of trying to get all the uniforms ordered by one person.

Automotive Workwear is currently working with predominantly automotive technical schools, but we offer a wide range of workwear options. We can provide chef wear for culinary programs, as well as lab coats, and emergency responder workwear. We carry a number of leading brands, including Red Kap, Bulwark, Chef Designs, and Horace Small. Our custom embroidery is available for all our uniforms, including the flame resistant uniforms.

If you are interested in setting up a uniform program for your technical school, please contact a customer service representative. We offer low prices, leading brands, and custom embroidery. Setting up a uniform program is a simple process, and gives you control over student uniforms and logos without the headache.