Red Kap Heavyweight Parka

The Best Heavyweight Parka on the Market by Red Kap

While a heavyweight parka isn’t a necessity for the average customer service employee, anyone who works in a regularly cold environment can attest to the need for a workwear coat that provides warmth, ease of movement, and still looks professional. Whether you are a meat packer in Wisconsin, or an automotive technician working in the cold, or delivery personnel in a Chicago winter, you know you need a coat that will keep you warm even when it’s negative degrees outside. So what is the best parka for the job? Let’s take a look at what is out there.

The best workwear coats and jackets come from trusted brands. Red Kap provides one of the warmest parkas available. It is a heavyweight work parka, with 100 percent polyester fill. Designed specifically for a hard worker, this parka is loaded with pockets that help you stay organized while on the job. More importantly, however, this heavyweight parka helps you stay warm in the elements. The neck is a turtleneck style, helping to keep you warm all the way up to your face. The cuffs have elastic and velcro closures, keeping your arms protected from the cold. it is 34 inches in length, keeping your torso completely insulated from the cold winter. The order code for this parka is JP70, and is the warmest workwear jacket available from Red Kap.

There are a couple other parkas on the market that have similar features to the Red Kap one. Carhartt makes a jacket that comes close to having the same merits. Their parka features a nylon lining, as does the Red Kap one, and they also have numerous pockets. The cuffs on the Carhartt one have added protection from the cold. However, the Red Kap heavyweight workwear parka is one third the price of the Carhartt parka, making it the better choice. In this economy, it pays to buy sensibly, and buy quality items that will last. Red Kap promises comfort and durability, “done right.” If you are looking for a workwear parka to last on the job, and provide the right warmth and comfort for a price that won’t break the bank, you can’t do better than Red Kap.

Other jackets that have similar features to the Red Kap work wear parka are lacking in various ways. While one might have all the pockets, it isn’t warm enough. Another might be warm, but doesn’t offer added protection of elastic and velcro at the cuffs, or it isn’t lined well. When you’re looking for a heavyweight parka to be worn on the job, you really need to do your research. Opting to buy a trustworthy brand, like Red Kap, is always a good idea. Red Kap stands behind their product, and produces quality work wear. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your workwear and safety. Wearing the proper winter gear to protect your body from the elements is important. Red Kap’s heavyweight workwear parka is one of the warmest jacket available, and it is the best price for a durable, comfortable parka.