The Fabric of Your Life: What is Your Workwear Made From?

When you’re shopping for new workwear, do you consider the fabric of the garment? If you don’t already, you might want to start. Your work clothes have a primary goal, and that is to protect you from the elements. Whether it’s to keep you cool and protected in hot environments like a summer day at the garage, or warm and dry in rainy or snowy weather, or even offer flame resistant properties for those working in a hazardous job, your workwear should keep you comfortable and protected on the job. There are many different fabrics out there, but there are a few basics that you’ll see over and over again in workwear. Knowing what they are, and what they do, will help you determine what you need to keep you protected on the job.


Probably the first fabric anyone can think of, but with good reason. Cotton is a fantastic fabric. It is soft, providing all over comfort, making it a great choice for a shirt or coveralls. It’s also breathable, which makes it the first choice for staying cool on the job. If you work in a hot environment, whether outdoors in the sun or in an overheated garage, a cotton work shirt offers good airflow and comfort. We offer many Red Kap garments that are 100 percent cotton, giving you quite a few options if you’re hoping to stick with all cotton. If you need flame resistant workwear, you can still choose cotton by checking out our Bulwark FR garments. There are many FR cotton garments to choose from. The garment is made flame resistant through a special process that fills the fibers of the cotton with flame resistant properties.


Another incredibly common fabric choice, polyester is well known for it’s durability and strength. Polyester is a manmade material. It is a sturdy fabric, a little more stain resistant than cotton, wrinkle resistant, and very easy to care for–you can throw it in the washer and dryer without worrying about shrinking clothing items. With all these great benefits, solely polyester items aren’t the best choice for everyone. However, Red Kap recognized the great qualities of polyester, and cotton, and makes many, many workwear garments from a polyester and cotton blend.


A fabric that is a blend of cotton and polyester is the best of both worlds. The garment with be soft and breathable, but also durable and strong enough to stand up to a hard day’s work. You can check out the many workwear items on our website, including coveralls, work pants, work shirts, and more. These garments offer you easy care, long life of the garment, and comfort on the job.

Our Red Kap workwear and Bulwark workwear are made from a variety of fabrics, but you’ll find that polyester and cotton are the most commonly used- and with good reason! Next time you take the time to check out the perfect workwear garment for you take a closer look at the tag to know what you’re getting.

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