Medical Lab Coats

Lab Coats

If you are in need of a quality lab coat, look no further than the Red Kap offerings from Automotive Workwear. Whether you are in the market for a medical lab coat, or a counter coat, Red Kap makes top of the line work apparel that will wear like iron and provide the proper protection for your clothing and body. Keep reading for a quick overview of the lab coat line up at

The Basic Line

Mens Basic White Lab Coat
5700 Men’s Basic White Lab Coats
A longer length, this basic Red Kap lab coat features a 4 button closure, with notched lapels. It is a polyester/cotton blend, and has a left breast pocket, as well as two lower front pockets. This basic coat is ideal for students, interns, medical professionals, or lab technicians.
Womens Basic White Lab Coat
5210 Women’s Basic White Lab Coat
This polyester/cotton coat features a 5 button closure, princess seams at the back, and a decorative belted back. The collar offers a notched lapel, and the coat has 3 pockets: one left breast, and two lower front pockets. This basic coat is designed with women’s figure in mind.

Unisex White Basic White Counter Coat
4010 Unisex Basic White Counter Coat

A staple basic coat, this hip length, cotton/polyester blend features a 3 button closure, notched lapels, and three pockets: left breast, and two lower front pockets. This economical coat provide a great price – quality value.




The Premium Line

Men's Button Front Lab Coat
KP14 Men’s Button Front Lab Coat
Available in 4 color choices, this coat is a longer length, with notched lapels and a 5 button closure. It offers traditional pocket styling, and two side vent openings. This premium lab coat is ideal for those wanting a great quality professional coat and is one of the best sellers in the Red Kap Line.
Women's Button Front Lab Coat
KP13 Women’s Button Front Lab Coat
With an option of 3 colors, this lengthy work wear coat features a 6 button closure, notched lapels, princess seams in the back, and side vent openings. This high quality coat provide a great fit and excellent durability.


Men's Button Front Counter Coat

KP10 Men’s Button Front Counter Coat
This blazer style front counter coat is available in 5 different colors. It features a 3 button closure, notched lapel, and traditional pocket styling. This coat is ideal those wishing durability and quaility in a short length.

Women's Button Front Counter Coat
KP11 Women’s Button Front Counter Coat
Long sleeved, with princess seams in the back, this tailored, blazer-like technician coat features a 3 button closure and traditional pocket styling provide an awesome fit.




The Medical Technician Line

Men's Zippered Smock Lab Coats
KP44 Men’s Zippered Smock Lab Coat
Short sleeve, hip length, this polyester/cotton blend coat features a zippered closure, traditional pocket styling, and notched lapels. This quality coat is ideal for dental students and professional alike.

KP43 Women’s Zippered Front Smock Lab Coat
This short sleeved coat has princess seams for a tailored look, and features a zippered closure, traditional pocket styling, and notched lapels. A great fitting coat designed for women.




The Specialized Line

KP18 Men’s Gripper Front Lab Coat
This lab coat is available in two color choices, and features an inside breast pocket along with two outside lower front pockets. Also features 5 snaps for closure, and notched lapels.

KP38 Specialized Gripper Front Pocket-less Lab Coats
This lengthy coat features a 5 snap closure, notched lapels, side vent openings, and no pockets.

KP70-72 Unisex Specialized Cuffed White Lab Coats
With a closure of 6 snaps, including one at the neck, and knit wristlets, this coat provides protection. Features traditional pocket styling, or one inside breast pocket and two outside lower pockets.

KT33 Women’s Deluxe White Staff Coat
Featuring a 4 button closure, notched lapels, back belt, side vent openings and traditional pocket styling, this Red Kap work wear coat is destined for great things.

KT34 Men’s Deluxe White Staff Coat
This work wear coat features a 4 button closure, notched lapels, back belt, side vent openings, and traditional pocket styling.

Red Kap makes a variety of professional lab coats, including medical lab coats, counter coats, and shop coats. Shop coats will be discussed in another article, but you can check them out on the Automotive Workwear website. Custom embroidery can be added to any of the lab coats, marking them for uniformity, branding, and customer service. Consider adding your company logo or employee’s name to your order of coats.