Volume Pricing is a Great Way to Outfit Your Company for Less!

Automotive Workwear is an independent, wholesale distributor of Red Kap work wear, and a few other leading brands. We offer volume pricing for companies, and individuals, looking to outfit a large number of employees, and get a good deal. Although we already offer the lowest prices for Red Kap, Bulwark, and Chef Designs garments, we can go even lower with volume pricing.

Volume purchasing means that you will need to order a minimum number of each style number. That number might vary, depending on the garment, but generally it falls between 30 to 50 of the same item. The savings you will receive can cover a wide range, depending on the color and styles you order. Getting a volume work clothes quote is easy, and you can quickly find out the prices you will be looking at to supply work garments for your business. Simply check out our workwear options online, and note the item number, color, size, and quantity needed. You can call our customer service representatives at 800-589-1084 for assistance, or you can simply send us an email at Make sure that you include the item numbers, colors, sizes, and quantities so we can quickly get you a price quote. Our turn around time to get you a competitive price quote is usually within 24 hours, and often the same day.

Depending on your business, we offer many different styles of work garments that you might need volume pricing for. If you are in the restaurant business, you are going to want to check out our Chef Designs garments. We offer modern and classic chef pants, as well as traditional chef coats, double breasted, in varying sleeve lengths and colors. We also have options for outfitting your front of the house staff. If you are in the automotive industry, Red Kap is a well-trusted and leading brand, offering comfortable, durable clothing to get the job “done right.” We have coveralls, jackets, work shirts and pants to choose from. If you click on the Automotive Uniform category on our website, you’ll see the following helpful headings: automotive technician mechanic uniforms, automotive car dealership uniforms, automotive car dealership logo shirts, automotive custom stripe work shirts, and automotive school program logo shirts. All of our workwear has the option to add custom embroidery if you desire your company logo and/or employee names on garments. If you are an electrician, or in the oil and gas industry, you will want to see our Bulwark flame resistant apparel. Bulwark is at the forefront of flame resistant technology, and is passionate about keeping you safe on the job. Check out our flame resistant coveralls, jeans, shirts, jackets, and even hoodies, that are designed to keep you comfortable on the job, and well protected.

Volume pricing is the best way to outfit your company for the best price. Check out our website to see what workwear you would like to order, and simply give us a call, or an email, to get a competitive price quote!