Lab Coats

What Makes a Good Lab Coat?

In the medical field, or really any work that call for a lab coat, you need a lab coat that you can count on to protect your skin and clothing. What really makes a good lab coat? It’s all in the construction and manufacturing. Keep reading for tips to keep in mind when looking for great lab coats.

A good lab coat needs to be made of a fabric that will protect your skin from any acids or other substances. A blend poplin makes a good choice, allowing for breathability, while absorbing any substances quickly before they can make contact with your skin. A button closure maintains the classic professionality of a lab coat, while making it easy to put on or off. Consider the placement of the pockets, depending on how you use them. Lower pockets are common on lab coats, and some also have a breast pocket. If you are looking to buy a women’s lab coat, look for one with princess seams in the back to keep a sleek, feminine line. Lapel collars are the norm for lab coats. Based on your needs, you may have a few criteria of your own for selecting a good lab coat. However, you can’t go wrong with a basic, poplin lab coat, with pockets, a front button closure, and a lapel collar.

When you’re looking to buy a good lab coat, consider the line from Red Kap has been manufacturing workwear in the United States of America since 1923. They provide a promise of comfort and durability “done right.” Red Kap consistently offers lower prices than competing brands. While other brands raise prices and lower quality, Red Kap never skimps on quality to save a few dollars. Every item, no matter what type of workwear item, Red Kap crafts with pride and precision, with attention to detail and quality, while making it affordable for you.

The perfect coat is one of Automotive Workwear’s best sellers–the KP13 and KP14. The KP13 is a women’s lab coat, featuring a front closure of 6 buttons, and princess seam lines in the back. Made from poplin, designed for comfort and durability, this lab coat is a great choice. The KP14 is a men’s lab coat, very similar to KP13. Made from poplin, this lab coat is functional, as well as professional looking. The men’s coat has a five button front closure. Both are comfort and durability “done right.”

If you’re in the market for a new lab coat, checkout the Red Kap offerings at Automotive Workwear. Red Kap is well priced, and never compromise quality. Remember to look for lab coats that are made of a sensible fabric for absorbing, or wicking away, substances so that they don’t touch your skin. Look for a product that looks professional, no matter your job. Last, but not least, look for a lab coat that provides comfort and durability “done right.”