Red Kap No Scratch Leather Belt

What Makes a Good Work Belt for an Automotive Technician

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re working on a car is whether or not you are scratching the car with your belt buckle. If you’re leaning over the hood, or simply leaning through the window, that gentle scraping sound is all it takes for you to curse your tucked in work uniform with a metal belt buckle. Professional appearance is important in any field, including the automotive field. Whether your uniform calls for a tucked in shirt, or a straight-hemmed work shirt, you will most likely be wearing a belt to hold up your work pants. While most people might not even stop to think about what makes a good belt, there are a few things to consider.

  • Does it do its job? If you’re wearing a belt, it is usually out of necessity, rather than just for looks. A good work belt will be an average width, allowing it to fit through the belt loops of your work pants or jeans. It should have enough belt holes to ensure a comfortable fit loosely, or more tightly. Your belt should allow you to move about and work comfortably, while still holding up your pants.
  • Materials. There are a variety of materials from which belts are made. Canvas and even recycled rubber are just a couple of the popular materials used. Leather, however, is by far the most common material used for belts, and it is the best material for an automotive job. Leather is a strong material, holding it’s shape, but also allowing a little bit of give for the wearer.
  • Buckle. The buckle is the most important factor to take into consideration as an automotive technician. Belt buckles comes in all different shapes and sizes, from huge oval shaped things sporting the state of Texas, to simple, sleek square openings. Or, like the Red Kap “No Scratch” work belt, they can have a buckle made from leather, ensuring that the belt does not scratch any surfaces. In a very physical job that requires bending and leaning over cars to make cars look or run their best, the last thing you want to do is create scratches from your belt buckle. You need an all leather belt buckle that allows you to complete your work without worrying about scratching the car with your clothing.

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