Jackets and Coats

Work Jackets and Coats On the Job

It’s that time of year–the time of year when hard working employees need to bundle up in winter coats, or need at least a work jacket, to get their jobs done. With winter chills cooling the nation, even the southern states get a taste of that crisp, cool air that begs for a jacket. When you are on the job, you need a jacket or coat that not only lets you get the job done, but can actually make your job easier.

What to Look for in a Jacket or Coat
The job of any workjacket or coat is to, first of all, keep the wearer warm and able to perform their daily tasks. If you are in and out all day working on cars, you might need a medium weight jacket that keeps you warm outside, but isn’t too heavy for the garage. If you are delivering parcels, or a meat packer, you might need a heavier coat since you will probably spend a lot of time outside or in a cold environment. A zipper closure makes for easy on and off, and cuffs that have Velcro fasteners to tighten, or ribbed knit cuffs within, make jackets and coats a little warmer and more comfortable. A lined jacket or coat is always a good idea. Look for one that is quilted to maximize your warmth. Nylon taffeta is a good lining material, and it should have polyurethane foam to back it up. The fabric of a good workwear jacket is important. You need something easy to clean, and also sturdy enough to keep you warm and stand up to the job. Twill is a great choice, especially when it’s lined. Twill on it’s own is sturdy and breathable, making it a great choice for workwear. When lined with quilted nylon, a twill jacket is one of the best items you can have in your workwear wardrobe. If you need something a little more substantial, look for a heavyweight parka. It should be lined, and the outer material should be sturdy and warm.

Options for Workwear Jackets and Coats
Your best choice when looking for a work jacket or coat for on the job is going to be Red Kap. Red Kap is a leading brand in providing comfortable, durable workwear. They manufacture a variety of coats and jackets, all designed with the worker in mind. That means generous arm openings, warm linings, sturdy fabrics that hold up to grease stains, dirt, and multiple washings, and plenty of pockets for whatever you need. Pencil bartacks, side pockets, front pockets, you need it, it’s there. Red Kap’s motto is “done right,” meaning you can count on the workwear to be durable, in your price range, comfortable and professional looking.

Whether you need a lightweight, medium, or heavyweight jacket, Red Kap provides the best options for you. With a strong emphasis on automotive workwear, Red Kap makes the best work jackets for technicians and workers in the automotive field. With sturdy, durable material, and comfort in mind, these jackets and coats will help you get the job done right.