Red Kap Work Jeans

Work Jeans You Can Count On, Everytime

Having the right work pants can really make a difference in your job performance. When you wear jeans to work, it’s no different. You need work jeans that fit comfortably, but look professional. Luckily, Red Kap makes work jeans as well as other workwear. Red Kap has been manufacturing and selling workwear in America since the early 1920s. Their motto is workwear “done right.” Any Red Kap work wear, whether it’s shirts, pants, jackets, or jeans, will be comfortable and durable enough to handle even the toughest jobs. So what should you look for in a pair of work jeans? There are four things to consider: material, fit, comfort and ease of care.

  • Material. Work jeans will generally all be made from denim. However, there are different weight denims, so you’ll have to determine which one will work best for you and your job. For example, Red Kap’s work jean, order code PD60, is 100 percent cotton and a heavyweight denim. While the fabric is breathable and comfortable, the jeans are sturdy and durable because they are a heavyweight denim. Along with the fabric, you will need to consider a zipper and button closure, or a snap closure, or elastic waist, and the style jeans that you want. This Red Kap pair has a traditional zipper and button closure, and five pocket styling.
  • Fit. The style jeans really goes right into the fit. Most work jeans will feature the traditional five pocket style, but they can be classic fit, relaxed fit, or loose fit. Classic fit is slim through the seat and thighs, while loose fit has almost a baggy fit. Relaxed fit, like the sample Red Kap work jeans, are somewhere in between. The relaxed fit in the seat and thighs makes the jeans more comfortable for workers, but they offer a more professional appearance than loose fit jeans. These Red Kap jeans have a traditional rise, meaning they should sit at your natural waist. They also have a tapered leg. Most work jeans will have a slightly tapered leg, and have either a traditional rise or an updated slightly lower rise.
  • Comfort. Comfort is pretty important, since it’s hard to focus on your job when you’re constantly tugging at your jeans or feeling uncomfortable. Look for work jeans that will be comfortable, while still looking professional.
  • Ease of Care. When you buy work jeans, you want something that is easy to take care of. Always check the care instructions on the tag to ensure that they are suitable for home wash. Check out Automotive Workwear’s guide for removing stains from workwear to keep your work jeans looking great.

The right pair of work jeans, work pants, coveralls, and pretty much any workwear item, really depends on your usage of the garment. What do you need the garment for, and what will make your job easier? When choosing Red Kap work jeans, know that you will be sure of comfort and durability. Take into account the weight of the denim, the fit, comfort, and care instructions, when choosing the best work jeans for you.