The Apron

Aprons are one of a few garments in workwear that have stayed in fashion for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It was a garment born out of necessity, and has only continued to grow in popularity. Craftsmen, such as wood workers and blacksmiths, wore leather aprons for maximum protection against the elements of their work. Chefs and cooks have worn cloth aprons for hundreds of years, and it serves as a defense against food spills, hot liquids, and sharp points. Aprons have changed very little in style over the years, but have never fully lost their popularity, due to the practical function and nature of the garment. With that in mind, Automotive Workwear is proud to offer a fairly wide variety of practical aprons to help businesses get the job done with the least amount of mess.

Our aprons are from the Chef Designs brand, a practical brand that offers durable quality workwear at affordable prices. One of our best sellers is the bib apron at mid length, order code 1430. This particular apron is available in six different colors, making it easy to find the perfect match for your company. The apron does not feature a pocket, but you can order it for a reduced price in a 12-pack, making it a very popular choice for outfitting large restaurants. We also have a bib apron with a pencil pocket, and it is available in black or white. The Chef Designs classic bib apron is also available in full length, measuring 34 inches long and featuring a split front pocket at the waist, as well as being available in the short length, measuring 24 inches and featuring a three section front pocket. Our Chef Designs bar aprons are another popular choice in the restaurant industry, featuring classic white twill fabric and a mid calf length. The Chef Designs Cobbler apron is another best seller. The Cobbler apron, order code TP61, is available in 7 different colors. It features adjustable side ties and a split pocket, handy for keeping track of needed items on the job. This apron is also available in a 12 pack for a reduced price. For a more refined workwear look in your restaurant, check out the tuxedo aprons we have available. Constructed of black twill fabric, this classic look features a center divided patch pocket and is 32 inches long. Our restaurant waist aprons are available in black, navy, or white, and feature a three division front pocket. they are 11 inches long, and are also available as a 12 pack.

If your workwear uniform calls for an apron, be sure to check out our options online. You can see each of the aprons described above, helping you to make an informed decision about which is best for your business. You can read reviews on different items, and you can even find out about custom embroidering each apron with your company logo, restaurant, or employee name. Automotive Workwear is a proud distributor of Red Kap, Bulwark, and Chef Designs brands. Our aprons are the Chef Designs brand, but if you don’t see exactly what you need, be sure to call a customer service representative to see how we can best serve you.