AW- Red Kap Shirt

Workwear for the Automotive Industry

Wouldn’t it be great if a company decided to design clothing solely with your business in mind? That’s basically what Red Kap decided to do. Red Kap has been a leading brand in the automotive industry for quite some time, getting it’s start as a humble, family business in the 1920s. As time went on, Red Kap decided to really focus in on the automotive industry, taking an interest in the needs of garages, race tracks, and the people who worked at them. Red Kap workwear is designed specifically to help you do your job to the best of your ability. How are they helping you? Let’s look at a few of the ways.

Ripstop fabric. How many times a day do you end up near jagged metal, or holding a tool that could puncture your workwear, and then you have a big rip? Well, maybe it doesn’t happen everyday, but it happened enough that Red Kap started making some of their garments with ripstop material. This fabric is still a cotton/polyester blend, but the way it’s woven allows the fabric to keep itself from tearing further. It’s great stuff, and it’s helping you spend more time on cars and less time with a needle and thread.

Pockets. Red Kap never underestimates the need for pockets. Although you can be sure to find classic, 5 pocket, style jeans, you can also find cargo pants with pockets galore, and work shirts and coveralls with enough pockets to hold all your gadgets. A bartacked pencil stall, and a place to put your tire gauge, a buttoned hip pocket for your wallet, and pockets to keep track of everything else you need at the ready.

Fabric covered plackets and buttons. Whether you are detailing cars, or leaning over them to check the engine, or just leaning in the window to talk to a customer, the last thing you want to worry about is chipping the paint. Red Kap filed away that information, and started making sure that button plackets, and pants’ flies, were covered by fabric to ensure that no damage was done to the cars. That’s workwear “done right!”

Style and fit. While ripstop fabric, and details like fabric covered plackets, are important, and possibly the first things you would think to say that you want in your workwear, the style and fit are just as important. Your employees, and you, should feel comfortable and confident promoting your business in these garments. Red Kap knows that, and so their garments are designed to fit comfortably, without sacrificing style. Straight hemlines allows for professional appearance at all times, and custom striping lets you choose workwear that promotes your business.

Your workwear should help you get your job done right. Red Kap garments are designed with the automotive industry in mind, so be sure to check out all their options to find the best garments for your business. At Automotive Workwear, we offer custom embroidery on everything we sell. Putting your company logo, or employee names, directly on work shirts or jackets is a great way to brand your company and promote uniformity among workers. Check out our website for further details, or call a customer service representative to learn more.