Workwear “Done Right” for You

Have you ever wanted garments designed specifically for you? Well, that’s just what Red Kap does–for the working person who needs quality and affordability. Red Kap designs workwear that is geared towards the automotive industry, although their garments are often used in a variety of industries, and some of their garments are designed for other uses (such as their medical lab coats). A company with a long history of creating workwear, Red Kap is proud to provide workwear “done right” for mechanics, crews, and many more. Keep reading for a few Red Kap options that might be just what you’re looking for.

Need a work shirt? Red Kap’s work shirts are comfortable, stylish, and practical. You can see the full options on our website, but let’s take a quick look at the features that make Red Kap shirts such a great option for you. Quality fabrics, both 100 percent cotton, and cotton/polyester blends, provide durability and comfort on the job. Square cut hems allow you to wear the shirts tucked in or out. Some of the work shirts feature a fabric front placket, covering the buttons, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about scratching a fresh paint job. Carefully thought out pockets give you convenient places to hold onto pencils, tire gauges, and whatever else you need at the ready. The work shirts are available in many different colors. Whether you are looking to match your company colors, or just find the right color for your complexion, you can find it here. Check out colors like postman blue and spruce green, as well as classic grey or red.

Looking for new work pants? Careful attention to detail makes Red Kap pants some of the best workwear options on the market. Check out the stretch twill fabric, woven with memory stretch yarns for flexibility, or 100 percent cotton jeans that allow breathable comfort on the job. Conveniently placed pockets help you keep track of gadgets and tools, including pockets long enough to keep a ruler at the ready. Work pants with a side elastic at the waist ensure a comfortable fit for long days on the job. See all our options by looking under the category of Industrial Workwear, Men’s Pants or Women’s Pants.

Jackets are a necessity for most jobs. Whether you are working through the cool early spring days, or the chilly fall weather into the cold of winter, a comfortable jacket that keeps you warm is a must. Red Kap jackets offer quilted linings, weather resistant fabrics, and reviewers say that they stand up to regular washings and provide the best protection against the elements. Not to mention the practical and stylish cuts. Check out all our jacket options on the website, or call a customer service representative to get a recommendation.

If you are looking for workwear designed for you, workwear to help you get the job done, workwear “done right,” look no further than Red Kap apparel. We are proud to be the nation’s largest distributor of Red Kap workwear, and know that you will love these garments as much as we do.