AW- Red Kap Shirt

Why Your Workwear Matters

No matter the job, every employee has considered his or her uniform or workwear at some point. Some workers are looking for business casual garments that convey professionalism without compromising comfort. Others are looking for work garments that will protect them on the job. Still others want work apparel that is easy to move around in and comfortable for long days. Whatever your workwear needs, it’s important to remember that your garment choices do matter. Whether you have the option of finding your own uniforms or specific garments, or you are looking to outfit your entire staff or crew, the clothing worn on the job has an impact on job performance.

Problems with Workwear

Staff members and crew members are probably the quickest to find a problem with uniforms. Not all body types are the same, so while a garment may fit one employee well, it may not fit another despite proper sizing. Waistbands that roll, not enough pockets, uncomfortable material, and general lack of professional appearance are commonly heard complaints among various employees. Even when you are choosing your own workwear, it can be hard to find garments that wash and wear well, and are still comfortable or professional enough. Do these problems sound familiar? Conveniently, we offer work garments that combat these problems!

Solutions to the Problems

At Automotive Workwear, we have a wide variety of brands and workwear to choose from–including industrial workwear and business attire. If you are looking for professional attire, you will want to see our Linden Grey garments. These garments are professional in appearance, well priced, and maintain comfort for a long day’s work. Our industrial line of garments is manufactured by Red Kap. A leading brand in the automotive industry, the Red Kap workwear is designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience without compromising durability or price. Many features are standard on Red Kap workwear that answer that problems addressed above. Non-roll waistbands are a feature on many of our work pant offerings, while the polyester/cotton blend of fabric gives each garment extra durability and wrinkle resistance, while maintaining comfort and breathability. Red Kap believes in workwear “done right,” and designs each garment with real workers in mind. That means conveniently placed pockets to help you keep track of all the gadgets and gear you need handy. We also carry Horace Small emergency responder uniforms and Bulwark flame resistant uniforms. Depending on what you need, these brands have a variety of garments to meet your needs.

Check out our website to see actual garments from these brands. You can also call a customer service representative to get help finding the best garments for your needs. You can order online, or over the telephone. We offer custom embroidery for your uniform needs, as well. You can opt to have your company logo and employee names embroidered directly onto your uniforms–this is especially popular for jackets and coveralls. We also have volume pricing for various garments if you are planning to outfit your whole crew or staff.