Work Coveralls

Workwear that Works for You

No matter your job, what you wear to work should be comfortable, practical, and look professional. Thanks to all our really great brands, you can find awesome workwear that works for you! At Automotive Workwear, we are proud to carry leading brands in different industries. For the automotive industry, we offer Red Kap work apparel. Red Kap has been manufacturing garments for decades, and has really focused on being a leader in the automotive industry since the 1970s. For the oil and gas industry, as well as electricity, and other industries in danger of a flash fire, we offer Bulwark flame resistant workwear. Our Bulwark garments are continually being tested and researched to ensure that we offer the very safest of FR garments. Our Horace Small garments are the first choice for many first responders. Providing quality garments for law enforcement and first responders, Horace Small is a trusted brand. So, how do you find workwear that works for you? Just check out what we have to offer!

For those of you in the automotive industry: Red Kap is your guy. Pretty much any kind of workwear you could possibly need, they make it. And they make it right! Need work pants that are comfortable enough to be active, but still look professional? Check out our shop pant, featuring a gusset that gives you plenty of room to be comfortable bending and squatting, but still looks neat and professional while working. Looking for a technician shirt that has custom striping and your company logo? We can do that. Check out our many options for ordering the perfect shirt for your crew or company–start with looking up the SP14.

For those you in the oil and gas, electricity, or manufacturing industries: Bulwark makes the protective workwear that you need. With really cool (and the safest) features like breakaway zippers, up-to-date testing, and new FR fabrics, Bulwark garments are designed to work for you, by keeping you safe and comfortable on the job. Check out our variety of coveralls, jeans, shirts, and jackets. Call a customer service representative, or see our website, to find out which garments meet the HRC level that you need.

For those of you in security, law enforcement, and first responder jobs: Horace Small has got you covered. With a good variety of work shorts and work pants, we can help you get the job done. Our Horace Small work shirts feature center pleat pockets, functional epaulets and badge tabs. Look under the Security & Police category on our website to see all the options available.

No matter your job, you should have workwear that works for you. You should be comfortable on the job, able to focus on doing your best, rather than if you garments are comfortable or professional looking. With all the options available on our website, you can find exactly what you need. You can order directly from the website, or call a customer service representative to get the workwear you need.